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So for the past few dreams i have had, they are basically the same.

It starts out at a hardcore show, doesnt really matter whos playing. Anyways, I see everyone standing there watching Tommie Navarini Mosh. As everyone looks with fascination, All of a sudden, Andy p shows up. Then Andy Grabs Tommie and throws him onto the stage. Then, The stage turns into a boxing ring where it is the epic battle, Tommie Navarini vs Andy P. Its basically a mosh-off where they pull out there best moves on each other. Tommie Spin kicks Andy in the face, then Andy punches Tommie in the face and jumps on top of Tommie and starts punching Him. Tommie pulls out some Ninja Skills and flips around Andy. They look at each other in the face and the Mortal Kombat theme song comes on. Then in subtitles it always says, "Tommie Navarini VS Andy P. on Pay-Per-View."

I never get to finish the dream, because i always end up waking right when the bell rings and the final round comes into effect.
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